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Please Love Me Too. (Norway X Reader)
AU! Human names used. 
Implied!Dead!Prussia X Reader 

    Lukas awkwardly wrapped his arm around your shoulders tightly as you started to sob deeply. The two of you were currently standing in a dark and eerie graveyard as you cried over the tombstone in front of you, belonging to your now dead boyfriend Gilbert Beilschmidt. He had died around a month ago due to blood loss from a fight. This was the first time since the funeral that you'd come and visit his grave. You had told him repeatedly told him to stop getting into pointless fights, but he never listened to you for some reason. He said he was too awesome to die from fighting. 

'Too awesome my ass.', you inwardly sighed. 'I'm the awesome one in this...or rather, that relationship.' 
One day, he had gotten into a fight with a man with a knife. If only he had known that and maybe he wouldn't have picked a fight with him. Maybe he wouldn't have gotten cut up so badly. Maybe,
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 37 23
England X Crossdressing!Reader PT.8
(( I recently realized I still haven't touched the part about the reader being a crossdresser //fail |||D )) 
    After the kiss in the science lab, things between you two weren't quite the same. Rumors started to spread like wildfire, all of them about the Vice President of the Student Council and the student who's actual gender was unknown. Most of the rumors weren't true. At the moment, Arthur was pacing back and forth while you sat there simply watching him. 
"The reasons that they're spreading rumors is probably because they don't know my gender.", you spoke up after a while. "It's probably nerve wrecking for the girls who like you that there's a possibility that you're dating a guy that's seemingly prettier than them." 
You took the pin that was in your hair out and let your hair flow down to it's full length.
"Most likely, but still! It's none of their concern!", Arthur fumed. He was beginning to get extremely peeved off at the rude letters, bags of poo,
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To Be Honest (Short poem)
There are many things about myself that even I don’t understand
Ominously lurking in the deepest parts of me, unseen.
Breathing in and out every waking second of the day,
Even when I myself don’t really feel like going on.
Hopelessly smiling everyday even though I
Obviously know that’s not a part of my personality.
Needless, yet wanted, breaks from people even if for a few minutes; just
Enough to take the fake smile off of my face.
Surprisingly enough, I never quite realized how many lies I told myself.
To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’m okay most days.
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 2 10
Denmark X Reader (For Happycandyx)
Author's note: Long overdue! >w< This is for my buddy Candy
AU! Hetalia Fantasia!
"Level up!"
You, Denmark, & Norway stared at your computer screens, waiting for something to happen to the youngest member of the team Iceland.
"Nothing's happening...?", you questioned.
"You were expecting something?", you could hear the irritation in his voice.
"Geez. You got our hopes up for nothing!", you could just hear the pout in his voice.
The four of you were currently trekking around the monster-infested areas of the newest World added by America (one of the two mods).
"Are all of you okay? Do you need healing?"
"Norge, I'm sure we're all-OH MY GOD!"
Cue a random level 78 monster lighting Denmark's character on fire.
"Look who needs my help now."
"Dennyden, your character is, like, done for."
"Shut up!", he whined.
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 31 29
When Usagi is left alone in OM by HaveABelgianWaffle When Usagi is left alone in OM :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 0 20 EAT RABBIT-CARROT THING BEYOTCHES by HaveABelgianWaffle EAT RABBIT-CARROT THING BEYOTCHES :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 0 10 Using CC to buy shiz on TM Japan by HaveABelgianWaffle Using CC to buy shiz on TM Japan :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 1 12
England X Cross Dressing!Reader PT.7
England X CrossDressing!Reader pt.7
AU!! Human and Country names used. 
Contains non-vulgar dissecting/killing of frogs. You were warned. 
    The days following after were a living hell for the young Brit. Not only had you continually teased him about getting him back, but Mathias & Alfred were playing numerous pranks on him which mainly consisted of embarrassing him in public. From placing large pieces of ice down his blazer and making him dance funny to somehow getting the bathrooms mixed up and ending up in the girl's bathroom, he was at his limit.
"This spell should show those twats who's the funny guy now!"
    The next few days, you really hadn't heard much from your Danish or American friend and this began to deeply worry you.
"Artie, have you seen Mathias? We were going to an amusement park today.", you asked him while adjusting your blazer.
"Perhaps we'll see them in Biology class? I'm sure the
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 20 20
Chibi Cat (W.I.P) by HaveABelgianWaffle Chibi Cat (W.I.P) :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 1 55 Thumb Screenie for Mon-chan by HaveABelgianWaffle Thumb Screenie for Mon-chan :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 1 24 Random Seme-san XDD by HaveABelgianWaffle Random Seme-san XDD :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 0 0 Random Drawing by HaveABelgianWaffle Random Drawing :iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 1 13
England X CrossDressing!Reader PT.6
England X CrossDressing!Reader pt.6
AU!! Human and Country names used.
Ah, yes. April Fool’s day. A wonderful day where you could totally tell someone you love them and get away with it. Of course, when at World Academy W act like a Hetalian. And by that, I mean you could totally get away with pranking anyone. Except Ludwig. Ah yes, einsamkeit man. 

“Alfred, this better work.” 
Arthur slowly turned a corner, walking towards his chemistry class; which also happened to be your chemistry class as well. 
“It’s sure to work Artie!”, oh and yes; this is Alfred’s class too. 
Naturally, when they walked in they saw you talking to Mathias. As usual. 
“And so then Emil got so red in the face, I swear he was about to die from embarrassment!” 
You started laughing, you always fond Lukas and Emil’s “brotherly love” to be quite funny. 
“Poor Emil! Luka
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 38 97
England X CrossDressing!Reader PT.5
England X Cross Dressing!Reader Pt.5
AU! Gakuen Hetalia! Human and Country names used!!!
The two of you started walking towards the tall gates of the academy as you half listened to the Dane’s talk about Danish food before Lukas, Tino, Berwald, and Emil appeared and forced the Dane to stop talking to you about the history of Danishes. Little did you know, there was a jealous childhood friend silently watching from the window of the Black Magic Club. 
“Okay, Romania how about we-“ 
Arthur turned around, looking around the club room only to find that Romania was nowhere to be found. 
“Blast it all! Where did that little bugger go…?!” 
In the middle of his rant, his eyes landed on a blood red sticky note. In perfectly neat pitch black handwriting it read,
‘ Sorry Iggy. I went back to the dorms early so I could catch Moldova! You know how it is, having a frățioare(little brother) and all. Well, see you tomorrow! 
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 34 49
England X CrossDressing!Reader Pt.4
England X Cross Dressing!Reader
AU! Human names used. 
You heard sounds of awe as you walked down the hallway, your (h/l) (h/c) locks flowing behind you. 
“Whoa, (name) finally woke up!” 
“How long was she out? A few weeks? A month or two?” 
“Rumor has it; she was out for several weeks!” 
Sighing to yourself you continued to walk towards the dorms, wanting to lie down and get some actual sleep, wanting to get away from all the extra attention thrown at you. It had been several days since you had woke up, but you were confused. You hadn’t seen Arthur ever since, besides, of course, the occasional passing in the hallway. 
‘It’s as if Artie is ashamed of me or something.’, you mumbled, continuing through the crowded hallway. 
“What’s so funny, Artie?”

He gasped slightly to himself before slowly turning around, seeing your curious expression. 
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 42 23
Dancing In the Rain (Sebastian X Reader)
"Where is that damned Phantomhive butler?" 
You paced and paced around in a garden filled with a different array of flowers, mostly roses and tulips, waiting for the tall, handsome butler known as Sebastian Michaelis. You found the sole fact that you were waiting for him instead of him waiting for you rather odd. You knew that the butler was rather punctual and often managed to arrive before you every time you planned to meet up. He was, after all, Lord Phantomhive's butler. So, it really wasn't up to the two of you if Sebastian came or not. 
"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, my lady."
You stopped your pacing and turned around to see the man you've been waiting to see for weeks. Your parents wouldn't allow a butler to court you, you being noble and all, and therefore you had to sneak out just to see the man you loved. 
"Sebastian, how many times must I tell you? Just call me (name).", you playfully scolded him. "It's nice to be seen simply as a person an
:iconhaveabelgianwaffle:HaveABelgianWaffle 241 31


selfless |nagito komaeda x m!reader
nagito komaeda x m!reader

                The soft sound of the ocean’s waves echoed in the background, similar to a mother’s soothing voice lulling her child to sleep. You felt the soft sand slowly slipping through your fingers; but yet you couldn’t open your eyes. A dark void took over your vision a long time ago, leaving you in the cold unknown. Many thoughts gathered inside your head, twisting and coiling and finding their way to the darkest depths of your mind.
                You quickly discarded those scandalous thoughts as you heard someone coming towards you. A cold, bony hand found itself onto your shoulder, shaking you lightly in an attempt to wake you up. As you didn’t respond, the mysterious person became more insistent.
:iconshsl-fanboy:shsl-fanboy 61 36
Ren X Male!AllMate!Reader (Forever)
The soft pitter patter of small footsteps tapped on the concrete mixed with the slower steps of someone bigger. Looking up, one would see a young man with long spiky blue hair that went just past his shoulders and golden eyes. To his side was a small dog covered in dark blue fur with midnight blue eyes and his pink tongue hanging out. When they walked past an alley, the dog, an AllMate, turned his head and spoke in a slightly deep voice.
"Aoba..." The man looked to his companion and into the alley, seeing a small (h/c) dog laying on its side inside. The dog spoke again, walking into the small space.
"An AllMate. Male." When the man, Aoba, followed, he saw his friend lightly push the new dog. Suddenly, he stirred and stood, shaking his coat out with what looked to be a yawn. In a light toned voice, he seemed to smile at them.
"Thank you for waking me." He sat on his haunches and looked to them with shining (e/c) eyes.
"You're an AllMate, correct?" Aoba asked.
"Yes, that is correct. You
:icongothfoxgirl:Gothfoxgirl 210 69
puppies. | henry
henry x fem!reader
    [Name] yawned and put away her Arcthunder tome. The day was coming to an end and fatigue was over the whole camp now. The Shepherds fought a whole pack of Risen right before turning in. Almost everyone just rested up, forgetting about the bear stew that Cherche had cooked ever so kindly.
    “Psst! [Name],” Henry cooed from behind her tent. “I want to show you something!”
The tired tactician’s eyes were heavy from exhaustion. She turned her head and looked at the dark mage with annoyance and slight… fear. Or maybe she was used to his unusual behaviour by now.
    “It’s not another...disembodied Risen arm, is it?”
    “Nya ha! Nah, ‘course not. I got rid of that thing. It’s something else,” Henry held out his hand for her to take, which she reluctantly complied to.
:iconsleepyheroprince:sleepyheroprince 149 41
fairy tale. | yandere!henry [au]
yandere!henry x reader  」
soulmate!AU where the name of their soulmate is tattooed on their wrist.
    [Name] [Last Name]… [Name] [Last Name]… [Name] [Last Name]…
His pronunciations of your name droned out with his repetition. After years of seeing the letters, cursively written on the inside of his wrist, he found himself at the point of obsession. You were like his drug, his core, the reason he was alive.
Henry’s pale fingers encircled your forearm in a swift motion. He pulled you into the cage of his arms and held you tightly, enabling your movement as he took in your sickeningly sweet scent. He shuddered, moving his lips to your ear. You felt the ticklish sensation of his powder white hair against your jawline.
    “C-can I see your wrist?” He grinned.
You swallowed thickly and, obediently, you lifted your sleeve just enough for him to read the letters, spelling his name on t
:iconsleepyheroprince:sleepyheroprince 108 42
INTO THE SKY by Neuronii INTO THE SKY :iconneuronii:Neuronii 657 34
1$ kisses | suga x popular!m!reader |
“I can’t believe you roped me into doing this.” Despite your deadpan voice and mask of indifference, your words gave away just how exasperated you were at being forced to man the most embarrassing station at your stupid school fair.
“Oh come on, [F/N],” your friend Mori laughed, slapping you on the back with a playful grin. “Mister popular gettin’ all shy at the thought of kissing strangers?”
You turned red.
“C’mon, you’re #1 on every girl’s To Date list. You’ll earn us so much money.”
You cringed. “Okay, first of all, do not ever call me ‘mister popular’ again. Second of all, I am so not on every girl’s to date list. Is that even a thing?”
He snorted. “Of course it is.”
“And really, you’re using me to get money.”
“Well I mean, the money is for our club, so…” He trailed off and cast you a knowing look. You sighed. You <
:iconkuragebot:kuragebot 354 21
written on my heart. | kuroo tetsurou
i have you written on my heart. | kuroo tetsurou х gn!reader
☆ soulmate au in which you and your soulmate have matching tattoos.
☆ i rewrote majority of the story
Lately, your eyes would always follow the Kuroo Tetsurou around.
Lingering gazes and unintentional staring, most of the time. You tell yourself that it’s because of his playing style — his actions are so fluid and agile, it’s hard not to stare at him. Besides, you would also observe the rest of the team; after all, you were the team’s manager. You need to make sure the rest of the team was always in top form in order to win upcoming matches, so it’s natural for you to stare at the players.
But in the end, your attention would always, always fall back to the Scheming Captain.
You don’t really know why yourself, but you find him charming.
He is incredibly handsome, undeniably so. Kuroo is the kind of guy who doesn’t put much effort into styling hi
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 752 78
I Just Smile Izaya x Male!Reader
Watching him from a distance was painful, especially when (y/n) knew what his true intentions were.
Izaya Orihara was in love with Shizuo Heiwajima.
Maybe everyone already knew about it, I mean, Shinra did. Celty almost tripped over herself when she had found out, denying that it could be possible, until Shinra proved to her that it was. Dotachin knew, and so did Walter, Erica, Simon, Tom and so on. (Y/n) knew it too, he knew it from the very beginning.
And yet...
He still fell in love with the insane info broker, allowing the raven haired male to use him as he pleased. During the night when the two made love, Izaya would mumble Shizuo's name, but (y/n) would pretend he didn't hear it. When they went out on dates, Izaya would purposely ditch him just to look for Shizuo, and when he did spot the tall blond, he'd rail him up just to have his full attention. Even with things such as that and more, (y/n) endured it all. He took the pain he felt, even the teasing and bullying he received fr
:iconyamibaki:YamiBaki 207 82
Not Yet | Azumane Asahi x male!reader
"Asahi! Over here." You call him over with a smile, patting your lap. Asahi blushes a very light pink and yet he moves to sit down beside you and lays his head down on your lap.
Asahi is still blushing when you pull his hair loose from it's tight bun and run your fingers through his hair. He sighs, and closes his eyes, trusting you to take care of him for now Asahi is in heaven. Alone with you, you playing with his hair, the comfortable silence. He could stay like this for a while.
"What do you think they are doing now?" You whisper. Asahi hums before processing what you said, he tenses under your hand. You stop your hands movement.
"I... I don't know. Probably practising." He shifts around till he is on his back and is looking at you.
"I saw Nishinoya the other day." You casually add after a few minutes of silence. "He was covered in bruises and was training alone."
"I want to go back, [Name]." Asashi confesses. "But I don't think I can."
"Perhaps not now, or tomorrow. But you will, j
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 118 3
Daddy Rin! [Rin Matsuoka x child!m!reader]
Ah, of course. We have mister shark tooth first-
Just so you know, Haruka's probably gonna be next on my list.
Also, be prepared for an angsty(?) story I'm working on~!
W a r n i n g:
~ OOC Rin.
~ Jealous Reader-chii~. B)
The maroon haired male bent down and poked the young boy who slowly woke up and rubbed his closed eyes.
The young [h/c] haired boy called out, sounding as if he were about to cry at any moment soon.
He put down his small [s/c] hands and looked to the man next to him, confused when he wasn’t met with his mother’s gentle smile but instead, the man’s sharp toothed smile.
“Where’s your mommy?” Rin asked the five year old.
[Y/n] looked to the left then to the right before looking down at his hands, refusing to look into the swimmer’s red eyes.
“Mother said not to talk to strangers… But here I am, talking to mister shark tooth,” the boy muttered out, playing with the [f/c] tie he was
:iconaliassx:aliassx 159 46
Mature content
NyoBelarus X MaleCountryReader Skiving P1 Preview :iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 42 13
Best Friends [sousuke x gn!reader]
[please read the description]
Age 9:
“Hm, if I crawl over there then I can sit on those pillows… but there’s a puddle! Ah, stupid rain!” you grumble, pulling your blanket over your shoulders like a cape and crawling through the attic space, book in hand.
On your journey, you pass all manner of things - on your left, old, ratty, but familiar furniture that your family had been storing for a while, on your right, boxes of old electronics, toys and stacks upon stacks of books. But all you care about right now is the little space in between them - not high enough for you to walk through, but just high enough for you to crawl (carefully) to the other side, where a little carpeted oasis appeared. You had a blanket, a book, and a bright window, and you were going to read up here so help you god. A little puddle was not going to get in your way.
Making your way to the other side, you triumphantly proclaim, “ah, I made it!
:iconcuddlebros:cuddlebros 231 39
Ren x Male!Reader (Request)
                                    Ren x Male!Reader (Request)
          You had always loved Aoba's allmate, Ren. You thought that he was the cutest one ever. You could tell from his voice that he'd sometimes get embarrassed from what you would say.
          One day Aoba was out doing something and he left you with Ren.
          You put Ren close to your face and smiled at him,"Your so cute, I bet your cute as a human to."
          "Thank you (M/n)," he said with embarrassment in his voice.
          "Ren?" you asked him now having him on your lap and and petting him.
          "Yes?" he said.
          "No nothing I just wanted to hear your voice, I love it a lot," you said as you smiled at him.
:iconk-chann:K-chann 177 8
Maskmaker: Uta X Male Reader
___ sighed and smiled as he cuddled with his boyfriend.
*muffled crying*
"What whose there?
"Are you all right?"
*sniff* "Yeah I guess."
"Come on tell me what's wrong"
"I'm lost and I don't know what to do"
"You could come with me"
With that the man held out his hand and took ___ with him.
End Flashback
"It's still weird how much I have to get use to." ____ said "Especially those masks"
"What's so weird about them?" Uta said startling ____.
"Don't scare me like that! And I thought you were asleep."
"I was, but you still didn't explain why you find my masks weird." Uta said a little bit of malice in his tone.
"Nothing is wrong with them. It's just that I'm still not that good at making them." ___ said with a laugh.
Uta softened a bit and then smiled wide. "Well you might not be good at making masks, but you are good at something else."
____ blushed at Uta's comment. "D-don't say things like that." Uta laughed at ___'s comment and kissed him.
:iconsilver-chaos-wolf:Silver-Chaos-Wolf 104 5
Bedtime Tickles - Daddy!Male!Reader X Son!America
"I don't wanna!"
"Now c'mon Alfie, it's late, and you need your rest."
"But I'm not tired dad!"
Now you might have guessed, (name) here is trying to persuade his young son Alfred to go to bed.
But like most young children, Alfred didn't understand the importance of sleep. And despite the frequent yawns, the hyperactive American child refused to turn in for the night.
"Now my son, you need your rest, tomorrow is going to be a long day."
"But I don't wanna go to sleep! I wanna be your sidekick and stay up with you dad!"
(name) couldn't help but chuckle every time Alfred wanted to be his 'sidekick', probably from the result of reading too many comic books.
Suddenly, (name) had a brainwave, something that he thought of some time ago, something that would almost certainly put his young son to sleep.
(name)'s lips grew into a devious smirk, and young Alfred knew all too well what was coming.
"Alfie, you know what happens to naughty sidekicks who refuse to go to bed right?" (name) said in a s
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 122 78



:icontriple-e-comic-group: :icondraw-a-circlexreader: :iconreadertalia: :iconreader-inserts:

Journal History


[ ] = You have blue/green eyes. 
[] = You blush a lot. 
[x] = You giggle. 
[x] = You're quiet. 
[x] = You say random silly things 
[ ] = You have a baby face. 
[ ] = You wear a more down to earth style of clothing. 
[x] = You don't wear halter tops or anything to showy 
[x ] = You're under 5 feet 6 inches tall. 
total:  5
[x] = You're a virgin.
[ ] = Just thinking of sexual things makes you blush. 
[x] = Your idea of a date is really romantic. 
[] = You sleep with a stuffed animal. 
[x] = You like to cuddle. 
[x] = You've never played the Nervous game. 
[x] = You don't even know what the nervous game is.
total: 10
[x]= You like the color pink/light blue. 
[x ] = You tend to wear bright/girly colors. 
total: 12
[x] = You can be ignorant/oblivious. 
[x] = You'd consider yourself shy. 
[x] = You like happy upbeat music. 
[x] = You like "Cutesy" music. 
total: 16
What YOU think is cute: 
[x] = You like small animals. 
[] = You like babies a lot.
[x ] = Small/mini versions of things make you go 
total: 18
[x] = You know when somebody lies
[x] = You had to use a calculator to know the percent on this meme. 
[ ] = One of your friends told you to make this 
[x ] = You just realized this was made for girls. ((IT COULD BE FOR BOYS TOO YOU KNOW...))
total: 21
total all together and multiplied by 4

I am 84% cute. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .well then.
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